Cho-Liang Lin

Taiwan with Cho-Liang Lin: the Press Conference

Jimmy Lin blushing at JKP's effusive compliments

Cho-Liang “Jimmy” Lin is a rock star in Taiwan. I had suspected this was the case even prior to our arrival here, but today’s press conference definitely proved the point.

I’ve been interviewed many times in my life, but it’s an entirely different ballgame to face a phalanx of reporters with cameras, video cameras, and digital recorders capturing your every twitch.

Each of us made a statement. A representative of Mercedes Benz spoke of an important part of this tour: educational and outreach concerts, including a special performance for aboriginal students at Chin-Ai Elementary School in Nantou County. Continue reading



"Mr. Parker was an insightful, energetic soloist...the audience roared in approval."
-The New York Times



“absolutely top-notch music-making, as fine as one could ever expect to hear…they (the Montrose Trio) are poised to become one of the top piano trios in the world.”
-Washington Post

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